Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Last week was a little crazy. Before I went to the Museum of Natural History I made a quick stop at Cartier to photograph a party for the launch of their new Luxury Eye Wear. I could not resist photographing the model with the latest and greatest Cartier bag. I could fit my entire life into it.
Did I mention the glasses? They were cool too!

The Museum of Natural History Ball goes Green

This year The Museum of Natural History went eco friendly. Large cardboard light shades lit the room as soy candles added a sparkle to the tables. Maggie Betts was the birthday Girl and wore a party hat to prove it. As I was dashing across the floor to photograph Maggie, I did the unthinkable. Suddenly my feet were flying in the air and I fell plop on the ground. Somehow my camera survived and so did I. The moral to the story is no heels for Julie!

After dinner, the party moved down stairs to Cullman Hall where Harley Viera Newton spun dance tunes and I ate two too many of the little desserts on the dessert table. One of the things about running from party to party is there is no time to eat.
Milla Jovich looked amazing in dark red velvet and wore Jewels by Cartier, Byrdie Bell was dressed in Temperly London with the highest sexiest black boots above her knees, Veronica Webb was all smiles, and only Anne Vyalitsyna could get away with wearing a jumpsuit. Opps did I say Jumpsuit! What does one call an all in one garment that stars with pants at the bottom and ends with a one shouldered top???? Please let me know!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Save Venice Event at the Bowery Hotel

The Guests happily sipped on a special array of drinks flavored with Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mother's Day

Just in case you don't know what to give you Mom on Mother's Day here is a book I gave my Mum for Christmas that she loved. It was written by one of my editors at Town and Country Magazine Janet Carlson and is about her life changing exploration into Ballroom Dancing. If you like Dancing with the Stars then you will love this juicy book. I could not put it down.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Miss Nellie

Little Miss Nellie brought her mum to the studio so that we could all play. She kept us all dancing and her smile was infectious.


Last month I made my first trip to Peru and went up to Machu Picchu to explore the ruins. At the bottom of the hill tucked into the mountain is the Inkatera Machu Picchu Hotel. This eco friendly hotel was divine from the beautiful room to the fabulous food. The greatest treasure however was the orchid garden. Armed with a magnifier and the hotel guide I spent 2 hours discovering the beauty of these tiny flowers many of which were no larger than a quarter

Monday, March 16, 2009


Last night was the most exceptional evening at the Met. The stars were as many on stage as in the audience but the brightest of all had to be Mercedes Bass, the Gala Chiarman.
Placido sang 4 times in recreations of classic productions from the company's history signaling his 4 decades with the Met. The evening also included the amazing voices of Renee Flemming, Juan Diego Florez, Deborah Voight and Natalie Dessay just to name a few.
I was kept busy as guests arrived in waves. Claire Danes was gracefully elegant in a blue silk gown, Parker Posey wore purple, Brooke Shields wore black, Ginnifer Goodwin wore a colored chiffon number, Amber Rose was bright in white, Becki Newton wore a green sequin dress while the men looked charming in their tuxes.
After the performance the guests went to the tent where David Stark had worked his magic. Banner's that were inspired from the original programs hung from the ceiling and also covered the masses of candles on every table. Red roses accented the room in small posies scattered between the candles.
In keeping with the times Mrs Bass chose a simple yet delicious meal for the evening. The guests started with salad followed by meat loaf and then instead of dessert, trays of petit fours were passed. It was after midnight as the guests were leaving, Mrs Bass and Renee Fleming found a quiet corner for a private moment to chat about their passion for the Met.
Tent by David Stark


I always love when Jeff Dunas comes to New York because I know I am going to meet new and amazing people. This week was no exception. I had started to see posters all over town for the show CHARACTER PROJECT and yes Jeff was one of the chosen few in the group project that had started as an ad campaign and morphed into a book and exhibition. After hobnobbing with the stars I dragged Jeff to 9th Ave and 21st street where I had seen seen a wall of posters and asked him if I could take a shot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Museum Of the City of New York Spring Gala

There is nothing better than rushing home after a day in the office and changing into my shiny blue suit, brushing my hair and putting on a dab of lipstick if time permits. Last night was no exception. I had somewhere other than in front of my TV to be.

My camera was ready by the time the taxi arrived at the Museum of the City of New York for their Spring Ball.

This year's dazzling sponsors were Leviev and Versace and with the help of 610 guests the Gala raised over $470,000. It is hard to believe we are in a recession when in the company of such well clad folks although this day the dow was up over 300 points. Maybe that is why the hem lines are on the rise.

Thanks to Mark Gilbertson who was the Mighty Might of the night, Susan Henshaw Jones, the Museum's President and Director and Jerry Gallagher who made everyone's vision a reality along with the entire staff of the museum.

The Event was catered by the Abigail Kirsch and a big thanks to Karl, who found me a delicious plate of food in the temporary kitchen. Please no body tell Mark I actually sat down for 10 minutes! As I was leaving he caught me and ran me round making sure no one was missed.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miss USA

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School of American Ballet Winter Gala 3/09/09

Last night was the School of American Ballet Winter Gala. I arrived at 6.45pm only to discover I was late. So much for the 7pm call time. It seems the people at the School of American Ballet like to be early. The guests arrived in droves and happily sipped on cocktails. When it was time to go up stairs I made a wild dash to beat the crowd so that I could take a photo of the space. Glorious Food served the dinner that started with Salmon Napoleon, followed by Lamb Stew and ended with a heavenly Chocolate Cake. Thanks to the School staff who found me a seat. After dinner we were graced with a performance by students. It was so beautiful to see all the children on stage. Sarah Jessica Parker lead the list of stars that attended and I am happy to report that they raised over $700,000. That makes it their most successful Gala to date.