Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parrot Heads in Sydney

It was an amazing sight seeing the Opera House full of Parrot Heads for the Jimmy Buffett concerts. Never has there been so much colour and laughter in the crowds as there was for the 2 shows he did here this week. My Mum who was at the first night was shocked at first by all the beach balls flying in the audience but by the end of the show she was doing fins to the right, fins to the left and has declared she is now a Parrot Head too.
It was great fun touring with the band and I can not wait to share some of my photos.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Opera House

Tonight I am going to the Opera House to see The Giacomo Variations with John Malcovich. He is here in Sydney as part of the Sydney Festival. Tickets were sold out months ago but luckily for me my Mum got an extra in the hopes that I would be able to go. Thanks Mum.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luna Park

Over looking Sydney Harbour just below the Harbour Bridge and with the best view of the Opera House and the city is Luna Park. I always make a pilgrimage to this spot and take a photo of the smily face that has always been a symbol of fun and laughter. Many childhood birthday parties were spent here with screams and shouts as we rode on the big dipper and spun on the rotalactor and slid on the slides in Coney Island, the name of the old art deco building that housed some of the games. Still in operation today, Luna park retains all its charm however some of the rides have disappeared.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A trip to Palm Beach

Yesterday I drove up north to visit Rebecca and PC.
Rebecca (or Raft as she likes to be called) has been designing and making the most amazing hand made Jewelry for years and now all her hard work is paying off.
Their company Bouvier is a not so hidden gem.
We sat on the veranda overlooking Palm Beach as she showed me her new collection. I glanced up to see a Kookaburra looking over my shoulder.
She also shared with me her little journal where she sketches a flower every day when she travels. Now I am so inspired and I am going to have to come up with a new creative idea for myself.

click here for the link to their website

I am so inspired.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lunch with Bliss

Sunday lunch was spent with friends. Robyn invited a group over for a relaxing day. She is such a great cook and created a perfect summer lunch. We all hung out in the kitchen while the beet risotto was stirred and then headed outside as the prawns were cooked on the BBQ. For desert she made a chocolate pavlova that was served with blueberries and home made toffee. We sat under an umbrella and the shade of her frangipani tree.
Bliss, Robyn's dog stayed inside to avoid the heat and on my way out I could not resist taking a photo of her.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time to get tough when times are tough

Australia has been hit by the worst floods in over 100 years and as I drive around Sydney I am glued to the radio listening to the updates as people are loosing their homes, and farms. A friend of mine, Robyn decided that there was something to be done so she organised for me to go and stack shelves at FOODBANK NSW. My mum and I showed up this morning and helped unpack and stack food. We worked along side two other volunteers who have been showing up every Friday for the last 10 years. Ron and Betty are both well into their 70's and know where every item belonged on the shelves. They soon had us unpacking and stacking like pros.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dinner at Home with Maureen

Maureen has been inspiring me for as long as I can remember. Always cooking, decorating and discovering new foods and fashions before anyone else, she turned her passions into a career several years ago.
Last night she invited me for dinner.
I always love to know where she gets her inspiration from. Preparations for the decoration of the table started while she was organising a cupboard and picked out a blue glass. This lead her in search of her blue silk napkins and votive candles. The center piece was a victorian maiden that she had discovered several years ago at a flea market. Maureen is always exotic and eclectic and the table a great place to sit and chat the night away.
She whipped up some shrimp wrapped in shredded phylo pastry and followed it with sesame crusted salmon with lime, mango, pomegranate salsa. It was delicious.

Maureen now has a Special Events Company in Sydney
click here for the link to her website

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walk, See, Snap

I love to travel with just my iphone in my bag and leave all my heavy cameras at home. This way I really get to see where I am and enjoy being part of what is going on. Some could argue that that is what I do when I work but somehow I get lost into my eyes in a different way when I am not slugging all my equipment.
Happy Snaps make me smile. I take them just for me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The tree in Bali

One tree
Caught my eye
As I wondered by.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bali at its best.

One of my favorite places to get away from it all is a little hotel in Bali on the beach at Seminyak called The Samaya
I was met at the airport as I got off the plane and was escorted through customs without having to stand in the long lines and then whisked away in a waiting car. I was then greeted by name as I arrived at the hotel and felt like I had arrived home.
Even though it is the wet season right now the weather is great. I love a little humidity. It makes my skin feel soft and my hair is really curly.
Today was spent close to the hotel. After a yummy breakfast of fresh fruit and water mellon juice I did a little shopping this morning and followed it with lunch overlooking the ocean. I spent the afternoon at the beach where I sat and watched a big celebration. The children came and played with me when they saw my camera. They were all so happy to have their photos taken. As soon as I get back to my computer I will upload them but until then here is a sunset shot taken on my iPhone.
Best wishes

Monday, January 3, 2011

A day at the beach

just over an hours drive from Sydney heading north is the beautiful beach of Killcare. There are a few holiday houses dotted high above the beach and a great Life Saving crew on look out so that it is safe to dive into the waves between the flags. The water was rather rough yesterday but so much fun.