Friday, July 29, 2011

Maya's Restaurant in St Barths

I am having the most amazing week. I am in St Barths photographing fabulous food.
Maya and Randy are finally working on a cook book and I am so happy to be part of the project.
I never really realised how much work goes into every dish. From shopping in the market and choosing the freshest produce to standing over a hot stove to sear the mouth-watering sea scallops, or the other wonderful dishes Maya and her kitchen staff work together producing light and tasty food.
Then there is her husband Randy and the wait staff who welcome all the guests and make it so much fun to eat at the restaurant. No wonder people keep coming back year after year.

To view Maya's website please click on the following link Maya's

And yes I did get to taste the scallops after I finished photographing them and they were delicious.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ravinia Festival Gala 2011

I just got back from Chicago where I spent the last few days. I was there to photograph the Ravinia Festival Gala Benefit.
It was amazing. Hot as can be but luckily no rain, over 800 people came in black tie to hear the program that celebrated the music of George Gershwin.
David Alan Miller lead the Chicago Symphony Orchestra while Kelli O’Hara, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Sylvia McNair added the vocals and Kevin Cole played the piano.
It took about 2 minutes for the men to take off their jackets after they walked in.
The tent looked fabulous and as soon as the concert was over everyone entered and took their seats for the dinner to follow.
It is always great when the performers come to the tent. They were all very gracious about being photographed.

To view all the photos please click on Ravinia Gala

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Julia and Eric get married

It was a perfect weekend. The weather was warm but not to hot, the location was Oyster Bay and the bride and groom were surrounded by their family and favorite friends.
Julia and Eric had been to visit me in the city a few months ago so I was really looking forward to seeing them again.
I drove out of the city on Friday at noon and luckily missed the traffic.
Julia looked so beautiful in her strapless gown.
The high light for me was getting to ride to the club on Julia's fathers boat.
What a way to arrive at the reception.
Otis the dog was not allowed to come with us but he was there to oversee the getting ready photos.

La Grenouille NYC

It started with the peaches. They were in an organic shaped wooden bowl just inside the door. They captured my attention and I could not pass them by with out taking a photo. They were lush and velvety, a perfect summertime fruit.
Tonight I went to photograph a private dinner at La Grenouille.
I was early. It is easy to be early when I know there are things I want to take my time to photograph. The flowers were beautiful but it was the peaches that really inspired me first.
I photographed the space and then the guests arrived. They mingled and sipped cocktails while admiring the beautiful room.
When I was finished I was invited downstairs to sit at the bar where I was served the most delicious light tasty meal. The salad with tomatoes exploded fresh flavor with every bite. The salmon was crisp and light and was nestled on orange scented purple rice. It melted in my mouth.
I had asked for small helpings so I could make it to dessert and I was not disappointed.
First a little tray of petit fours was put in front of me followed by a water mellon granita topped with peach sorbet.
I stepped out into the humid heavy air feeling light as a butterfly. When no taxis came my way I happily walked for 10 blocks.
I love summer and I love the heat but most of all I love the peaches.
Here is the link to the website for more info about La Grenouille

Anita and Sunil get married in Boston

I love India and the next best thing is an indian wedding. I was so excited when Anita and Sunil asked me to travel up to Boston for the weekend to cover the event.
I got to meet lots of new people including the organizer Gina Anderson and the videographer Whit Wales both of whom were great to work with.
In true Indian fashion Anita and Sunil changed after the ceremony. The shot to the left are the outfits they wore to dinner. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Boston was a great location for the wedding. They were able to use the courtyard in the back of the hotel for the arrival on the horse.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Summer Party at the Frick

Last night was the Summer Party at the Frick.

Most of the women were wearing short retro dresses and hats as they braved the heat wave and ventured outside to the lilly pond and mingled with the dapper men who dressed to match.

A few stayed in side but where ever they chose to be they all sipped on the refreshing spanish Anna De Cordorniu wine that was being served.

I loved the pink hat with matching pink dress. I felt like I had stepped into a Woody Allen movie and that time was bent into the past.

To view all the photos please click on Frick Summer Ball

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sarah Fox and Calvin Ford get married in Detroit

It was an amazing weekend back in June. The weather was really hot and rain was scheduled to fall but luckily it held out Saturday even though we could see lightning in the distance. The couple were married at the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. followed by the reception held at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, the home of the groom's great grandparents. It was the first wedding reception ever held on the grounds and it made for a spectacular back drop.
Sarah and Calvin were on the move all night, dancing and talking to all of their guests, never to far apart and both with amazing smiles on their faces. It was really the very best.

The Henna/Mehndi Party in Boston

Last week I photographed the beautiful wedding and preparations for Anita and Sunil at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. The day before the wedding all the women took part in a Mehndi party and everyone had a henna design painted on their hands or feet while Anita had both done by the very talented Manisha Trivedi. I love this custom. All the women come together to sing and dance and eat great food. There were lots of saris and bangles. It was the best way to start the festivities.
Here is the link to the website for more info Manisha Trivedi