Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tom Gold Spring Gala Performance

Last week while I was photographing a private event Thelma went to photograph the Tom Gold Performance at the Gerald Lynch Theater. The night included the World Premiere of La Plage with music by John Zorn.
After the performance there was a dinner at Gabriel's Restaurant where guests got to rub shoulders with the dancers while enjoying great food and fun company.

To read more about Tom Gold here is the link to his website www.tomgolddance.com

To view all the photos please click on this link Tom Gold Gala

All photos by Thelma Garcia for Julie Skarratt Photography Inc

Monday, March 11, 2013

Julia Loomis graces the cover of Quest Magazine March 2013

I was so excited when Daniel Capello called me to see if I wanted to photograph the fashion story for the Spring Style Issue of Quest Magazine.
I showed up 2 weeks ago at the St Regis and went over some ideas with Daniel before the fabulous Julia Loomis arrived.
She was amazing. From the first dress to the last she was full of energy and smiles even when I asked her to stand outside in the freezing rain in a little silk dress and an umbrella.
To view the magazine online please click on this link Quest Magazine

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

This building is my inspiration, full of textures, shapes, light and shadows, beautiful artifacts and a wonderful restaurant on the top floor. Heaven on Earth. Designed by I M Pei it is worth a visit to this amazing city just to walk inside its walls.

Good Morning Doha

An Early morning visit to Souk Waqif and I had to stop and say hello to the camels.

Travels with my iPhone Bali March 2013

I am sitting in the living room of my friend Samantha Cotterell in Doha.
I have landed here for 4 days after a week in Bali.
The sun is pouring in the window.
I look around and see myself surrounded by the objects collected on her travels around the world.
There are books, beads, puppets, chests, pillows, candles, sculptures, painting, strings of beads, rugs, furniture, lamps, a carved chess set, a wooden horse.
I am not a collector of things but I am a collector of images.
While some people bring home physical souvenirs from their travels I find myself bringing home an iphone full of photos that touch the textures and feelings that I have had on my journey.
Do not be fooled, I do pick up the odd shell or pebble and I love to find the perfect wooden spoon.
My space is limited both in my always carry on luggage only and in the place I call home in NY.