Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey Is That Paul McCartney?

A few weeks ago I was at the right place at the wrong moment or maybe not! I was photographing the American School of Ballet at Lincoln Center and had just asked my favorite couple Al Roker and his beautiful wife Deborah Roberts if I could take a photo. No sooner had I finished I felt a breeze behind me and without thinking I turned to photograph the person behind me running down the stairs. I caught sight of the shoes and snapped a shot and then the fleeing person was gone......... Suddenly I realised who it was!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Olivia Chantecaille's Wedding in Brides UK

I just got the final layout for Ren and Olivia's wedding in Brides UK. Don't you just wish you were in St Barths right now! I do as I sit here watching the rain.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mia de Kuijper tells it as it is, and everyone is listening

Yesterday afternoon at 4 pm Mia called me to see if I could come and take a photo of her as she introduced her book Profit Power Economics at an informal gathering at ING hosted by The Netherland-America Foundation. I was only too happy to pack up my camera and run up town. As always this glamourous woman captivated everyone present. Her talk was fun and informative and sparked some great questions from the audience after it had finished.
Mia , who lives between NY, London, the Netherlands and Southampton with her husband and 2 sons is always on the go. I met her when she asked me to photograph her wedding and it has been great to watch her and her family grow. To find out more about Mia you can visit her website at

Spring has really sprung

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Today I took my first photo of spring. I can taste it in the air.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alec Baldwin at the Philharmonic

Sometimes it is just a matter of luck as to whether or not I get the shot I want or need. Last week was a perfect example. Alec Baldwin was fresh back from the Oscar's and the last thing he wanted was another camera in his face so I waited and watched and took my time and then with a big smile and the help of my friend Eric I asked for just one shot. He turned and lent towards me and nearly true to my word I clicked the camera twice. As he walked away the other photographers in the room ran to ask him the same little question but he raised his had and politely refused them all. So many thanks Mr Baldwin. You made my night. xoxox

Erin and Bill

Last night Erin and Bill came over to visit me in the studio and to talk about their wedding in Mexico in June. Just back from a trip to visit the location and make the arrangements, the 2 of them were glowing.
Never able to let the moment pass me by I took out my camera and snapped a few shots. I can not wait for the warm sun and the beach. Mexico here we come!

Tamara and Arjun India

After a wonderful wedding in NY ( See below) Tamara and Arjun invited me to travel to India for their second wedding. It is hard not to be swept away by all the colors and flavors, textures and sights that make India so different.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

April Town and Country Magazine

I just got the newest edition of Town & Country Magazine with the beautiful Hilary Rhoda on the cover. Don't forget to turn to page 40 to see my latest party photos. Here is a sneak look.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Birthday

It all started last week when I called Bill Tansey to ask him if he could send me a few dead roses that I could pull apart and scatter the petals on my floor for my birthday party." No worries" said Bill and so I didn't give the matter another thought. Saturday morning and there was a knock on my door and there they were!!! 525 red pink and orange roses in 7 big buckets. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So much for pulling the flowers apart. There was no way! Sunday started well with lots of calls, emails and text messages. I love Facebook Birthday's. At 1 pm Martha arrived with her bags of tricks and she waved her magic wand and transformed my place into a world of color. Next I rushed down town to pick up the food from the very best Indian Restraunt in NY Bombay Talkie. This little gem of a place is on 9th Ave and 22nd St. Rominey was so helpful with the menu and she came in on Sunday to make sure everything was perfect which it was. I had an India taxi driver who helped me get the food uptown and told me he was getting very homesick from the wonderful aroma of the food.
At 3 pm Akiyo arrived to set up and get ready to do henna on all my guests. She was extraordinary. Her website is She did something special on every person. As the birthday girl I got a treat. After doing my arm in regular henna she then did my hand in gold. Yes I feel fabulous! It will last a week and so hope I get to see you all before it wears off.
Thelma was the next to arrive and I have to say thank you for all her help with the food. Next came all my friends and each and everyone of them brought life and sparkle with them.
At 6 pm the first half left and someone said they guessed it was all over but then the next wave of guests arrived and we kept on happily eating and drinking and laughing and talking. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day by blessing me with their presence and thanks for the presents!!! They were great too!!