Thursday, April 30, 2009


It is just after 3 am and I am sitting here busy at my computer. In 2 hours a car is coming to pick me up to take me to the airport. I am very excited to be going down to St Barths to photograph a wedding but in the mean time I just felt I had to get one last entry up for you all especially as last night was such an amazing evening. Evelyn Lauder is the heart and soul and continuing driving force behind BCRF. She works tirelessly to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. And what a mighty important thing that is for all us women. Thank you Evelyn. And with her comes her friends who show up every year at the Warldorf Astoria.

Elton John and Liz Hurley light up any room that they walk into and with them comes a little magic. This year Elton brought us Liza Minnelli to sing and wow, did she put on a show. Not only that, she stopped in the middle of her performance and raised $50,000 by refusing to sing New York, New York unless 5 people would donate $10,000. You go Liza! And then she sang her heart out for us all. So here I am dreaming about sleep but with more important things to do.

It is amazing to me how the gowns reflected the colors of the flowers that I photographed earlier in the week in Central Park. It must be told that Evelyn insisted that all her friends find something in their wardrobes to wear. She was the first to admit her dress had been hanging in her closet for 2 years. I heard Liz Hurley mention that her dress was 5 years old and was last worn on the red carpet at Cannes. Don't you just love it! I do!
And don't let me forget to tell you just how delicious dinner was. Short ribs and mash. Yum

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night at the Pierre Hotel an amazing group of people came together as Tory Burch presented Pamela Fiori the "Commit To Win" award at the Annual WIN Benefit Dinner. The evening raised over One Million dollars that will go towards Women In Need. The organization helps to find housing and also deals with the issues of addiction and abuse of women in NY. Their program has a 90% success rate with the clients who complete it and 3 of the women were there to tell their stories. During the dinner the guests bought balloons and the room became filled with the signs of donations. It was really clever and festive. The event was co ordinated by Wendy Kleinman from WK Planning, Ltd, who kindly found me a place at a table for dinner.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Central Park in bloom

This morning when I woke up I just had to run to Central park to see how much it has changed with this wonderful warm weather.
I was so excited to see all the new flowers, some of which are only here for a week. Next Wednesday is the Conservancy Lunch and talk among my friends is, is there time to still get a hat from Eric Javitz. Stay tuned!.

New York Pops 26th Birthday Gala

Last night I packed my brand new 5D Cannon Camera and headed out to give it a whirl. Lucky for me there was just the right party to go shoot. Celebrating 10 years of Feinstein's at the Loews Regency Hotel, Liz Smith hosted a fun night conducted by Steve Reineke. One of the highlights was the world premiere of American River Suite written by Stephen Flaherty and William Schermerhorn. This is going to be the music for the fireworks display for the Macy's 4th of July Party and I heard on the grape vine that this year there are going to be 6 barges of fireworks so put it on your calendar if you are going to be in the city

Michael Feinstein and Jonathan Tisch were congratulated for helping create the New York hot spot.

Happy me found myself in a Box 29 and for those of you who have had the same good fortune you know just how lucky I was. Thanks Dan Dutcher for the ticket.

After the show I ran over to the Pierre were dinner was being served and got to test my new camera without the flash. Oh too much fun!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Finally our first summer day. I decided I needed a journey so I went to 32nd st to eat Korean noodles for lunch and then planed on heading to Coney Island to get a taste of the beach. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner on 32nd and 6th Ave and ran into the 22nd Annual Sikh Parade. I was in Exotic Heaven and I hadn't even left Manhattan.

After joining the parade and walking down to 23rd St I jumped on the subway and headed to the beach. The train was full of families with young kids all eager to leave the city behind them for the afternoon. It was beautiful and there was a cool breeze. I resisted the temptation to eat a hot dog but it was hard.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Orpheus and the Other World

I love the Metropolitan Club in NYC. I always feel like I have stepped back in time, when grand houses lined Fifth Ave. Last night it was location for the annual Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Gala. After sipping cocktails in the majestic main hall the guests were treated to a performance by the Orchestra. Later they climbed the stairs to the dinning room where dinner was served. This year the tables were decorated with orchids thanks to Foliage Gardens. It was simple and beautiful.

I love the fact that there is no conductor for the Orchestra. They rotate leadership roles and all the member of the orchestra get to participate in the artistic decisions during the rehearsals. I think that is extraordinary.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Studio Museum Lunch

Today the chicest group of women came together to have lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel as Thelma Golden from The Studio Museum of Harlem honored Amsale for her creative and visionary designs. There were mannequins displaying some of Amsales beautiful wedding dresses.

It took 30 minutes to get the ladies into the dinning room as they were all so busy chatting and catching up with each other. I was lucky to be seated with Ali from the Museum and we all enjoyed hearing from Amsale as she told us of her journey from Ethiopia to study in NY and the hardship of finding herself caught in a foreign country as war broke out in her home land. Her father was imprisoned and she found herself penniless and stranded. Through creativity, her love of beauty and a strong community of friends here in NY she not only survived but created a life in fashion that has lead to her success.

This year the Studio Museum turns 40 and FYI their autumn Gala on October 26th is a must.
Thanks Amsale for sharing your story and talents with us. You are an inspiration

Power Lunch for FAI

This year The Food Allergy Initiative Spring Luncheon was held at Cipriani 42nd St. A cause close to my heart as my niece suffers from life threatening food allergies it was great to see such a big turn out. This years chair people were joined by their husbands. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff & David Wolkoff, Steve Braverman & Abby Braverman, Roxanne Palin & Dean Palin. Also there to lend their continued support were former chairs Julie & Paul Leff.

All of the well dressed women came out to support a cause that many of them have fought so hard to get recognition for. In the last year new legislation has ruled that all ambulances in NY carry EpiPens. This is a great step in helping to save the lives of often children who mistakenly touch or ingest food that can be fatal.
There were lots of fun bold patterned frocks and the always chic solid color dresses and suits.
Congratulations on a great lunch

Sugar Daddy

Ok so last night was a little busy. After the book signing at Bloomingdales I raced over to the Metropolitan Club to attend the Bridal Event organized by Cludia Hanlin from the Wedding Library. The first person I saw was Colin Cowie who has been so busy racing everywhere that I had not seen him in ages. He now has a line of flowers for us mere mortals who can not afford his full service and yet want his touch of magic at our party.

The waiters were passing the yummiest slices of cake. It only took one mouthful to guess that the Sugar Daddy, Ron Ben Israel was going to be responsible for ruining my dinner if I didn't show a little restraint. To distract myself I took photos of the cakes and then got Ron to pose with the models on the stairs.

Karen has a new book

Last night I raced up to Bloomingdales to see that vivacious blonde Event Designer and creator of books, Karen Bussen, to celebrate the launch of her new book Simple Stunning Parties. It was fun to meet new people.

I had no idea I would run into Sarah Hall my favorite publicist and very long time friend. Sarah was my booker way back in the days when I was a model at Ford. Turns out she and Karen not only know each other but work together.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New York Moments at the Philharmonic

Monday night was Gala night at the New York Philharmonic and there to Conduct and host was Marvin Hamlisch. The stars included Maria Friedman, Kelli O'Hara, Nikki Yanofsky. Joel Grey, Paulo Szot, Ashley Brown, Jennifer Holliday and Liza who missed the photo op after the show.

The gala guests arrived early for cocktails and then were seated for dinner after the show. It seems that blue is the new black and all the best dressed ladies had on little blue dresses. Of course Danny was well coordinated with his gorgeous wife Audrey

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Henry Ford Estate Dinner

Just a short drive from Detroit is the former residence of Henry and Clara Ford. Now owned by the University of Michigan the Estate holds an annual fundraising gala each spring at the Dearborn Ritz Carlton. Edsel and his beautiful wife Cynthia have been hosting the dinner for 21 years and I have been lucky enough to attend the last 6 dinners.

Cynthia says it has become a family reunion of sorts and we all look forward to the appearance of Henry Ford I, who shows up annually with one of his friends to give us a look at the personal moments in his life. The actor who portrays Henry has won our hearts. This year his guest was George Washington Carver. Did you know that Henry and George were trying to find an alternative to gas made from soy beans? Continuing research has led to a new foam made from soy that went into the manufacturing of the Mustang seats in 2008 and is now used in other Ford Cars.
After dinner The Teen Angels took to the stage and the guests took to the dance floor. When I commented to Edsel that there was hardly a person seated he explained that people born in Michigan inherit the motown gene. Well guys, party on! And trust me, they did.

PS In keeping with Earthday in mind the center pieces were living grass studded with cut tulips. I loved the simple elegance and splash of color that they brought to the room.

For more images please go to and click on View your event.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Yorker's for Children

I had been waiting since Monday for Wednesday to arrive. One of my favorite charities was hosting its Spring Gala. New Yorkers for Children lived up to my expectations. The Dinner and dancing took place in the ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I introduced myself to Nicholas Scoppetta who is himself a former foster child. Now he is the New York City Fire Commissioner. He has worked hard to help bring awareness and financial support to the many children in foster care here in New York. Thank you Mr Scoppetta for all the work you do.
The room looked beautiful. Decorated by David Stark, there were daffodils on every table. It was as if the magic of the Central Park view had found its way up to the 33rd floor.
The night owed its success to all the co-chairs above.
Amy McFarland, Susan Magazine, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Vanessa von Bismarck, Rory Hermelee, Allison Aston, Nicholas Scoppetta, Susan Shin, Lydia Fenet, Joy Bryant.
I am amazed at all the different styles and colors I am seeing this year. Dresses are long or short, bright and bold or soft and pastel. There is still black but it has to be really fabulous to catch my eye in an ocean of color
The biggest dancer of the night award goes to Serena William. She was bare foot and having a ball!