Sunday, April 26, 2009


Finally our first summer day. I decided I needed a journey so I went to 32nd st to eat Korean noodles for lunch and then planed on heading to Coney Island to get a taste of the beach. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner on 32nd and 6th Ave and ran into the 22nd Annual Sikh Parade. I was in Exotic Heaven and I hadn't even left Manhattan.

After joining the parade and walking down to 23rd St I jumped on the subway and headed to the beach. The train was full of families with young kids all eager to leave the city behind them for the afternoon. It was beautiful and there was a cool breeze. I resisted the temptation to eat a hot dog but it was hard.

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hans said...

This does to show that one has to travel with a camera at all times... especially for someone that has a good eye and the opportunity to share the special moments in our city life. Happy Spring and now Happy Summer...almost!