Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ballet Hispanico Spring Gala at the Plaza Hotel 2014 Red Carpet

Last night I got to shoot the Red Carpet Arrivals at the Ballet Hispanico Spring Gala 2014 at the Plaza Hotel.
The guests started to arrive around 7 and it was impossible to tell it was raining outside from the smiles on their faces. Here are the step and repeat photos. My Friend Belinda wanted to know where the name Step and Repeat came from. I am guessing that it is because the guests and celebrities stop and smile for the first few photographers then take a few steps and stop and smile for the next few photographers until they have walked the length of the red carpet. Last night although there was no RED Carpet there was a backdrop and I had fun getting everyone to stop and smile for me.

To view all the photos please click on this link The Ballet Hispanico Gala 2014

Ballet Hispanico Sprint Gala at the Plaza Hotel 2014 Dinner.

Last night was the Ballet Hispanico Spring Gala at the Plaza Hotel 2014. It is always one of the most fun events because children of all ages come from the Ballet School to dance for the guests as well as the Ballet Company Dancers.
It is so amazing to see the kids perform and to recognize some of them from earlier years.
This year the evening raised over One Million Dollars and the Ford Foundation made an additional donation of One point five Million Dollars towards the Capitol Campaign. The building on the Upper West Side is going to see a full make over so that it can expand its programs for dance and education.
To view all the photos please click on this link The Ballet Hispanico Gala 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Save Venice Ball 2014 at the Pierre Hotel Step and Repeat

Last night was the Save Venice Ball 2014 at the Pierre Hotel.
As soon as the guests walked past the Ferrari parked outside the hotel  they headed for the Step and Repeat where I was posted to take photos.
It was great seeing everyone looking so festive. It has been to long a winter and way to cold so last nights flowers and color were a start to the spring season.
May of the women were wearing  Dolce and Gabbana who was one of the evening sponsors.
To view all the photos please click on this link The Save Venice 2014

To view all the photos please click on this link The Save Venice 2014

The Save Venice Ball at the Pierre

After arrival photos on the red carpet  guests headed to the Cocktails and then to dinner in the  Ballroom of the Pierre Hotel.
To view all the photos please click on this link The Save Venice 2014

The Save Venice Ball 2014 at the Pierre Hotel NYC

Towards the end of the night at the Save Venice Ball 2014 I decided to take some portraits of the guests by the mural on the wall of the Pierre Hotel.
As people walked by I asked them to stop for a second so I could shoot them alone or with their friends.
I had such a great time. It was a wonderful night.

To view all the photos please click on this link The Save Venice 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I was so happy today when Event planner  James Abel ran over with the new issue of The Westchester Wedding Planner that is featuring a wedding we did together at Blue Hill. James thinks of everything. When it started to rain just before the ceremony James had all the chairs rushed inside then he pulled out a blue umbrella for good luck. Joe and Carrie got to the barn without getting wet. The good luck  worked and no sooner had the ceremony ended the sun came out and cocktails took place outside.
Thanks to Carrie and Joe for letting us publish this and to everyone at the magazine for putting us on the pages.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

La Grenouille. The most fabulous Desserts in NY

Wondering what I did last night? I spent it in the kitchen at La Grenouille watching the amazing pastry Chef Mathew Lambie whip up souffl├ęs and desserts and taking photos as he prepared his master pieces with his  talented hard working crew. What am going to do tonight?  Dinner, dessert and Champagne at the Restuarant's cozy bar. What a perfect night.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Frick Museum Young Fellows Ball 2014

Last night I was so thrilled to photograph the Celestial Ball. This was the 15th Annual Young Fellows Ball to be held at the Frick.

The dress code was Ethereal Black tie which meant that anything really went. Paul Ka was the event sponsor and many of the women were dressed in the beautiful designs.

I was happy to see Julia Loomis as soon as I arrived and not long after had a chat with Hanna Bronfman who I shot a few weeks ago for Quest and who looked stunning in a slinky black dress. If you follow her on instagram then you will know that she works out hard to look so hot!

It is always fun to run into Micaela English and Sam Dangremond from Town & Country. Maybe some of my shots will end up on Michaela's post for the magazine.

Lisa Volling and her husband Jeff were mingling with friends. It seems like yesterday I was photographing their wedding in Hope Sound.

Alexis Light from the Frick made sure I was getting the shots I needed while Heidi Rosenau was checking on Bill Cunningham. Everyone was wishing Bill Happy Birthday. Amazing that he is now a young 85.

I also met a few new people and chatted in between photos. Here is a secret. If you want your photo taken just say hello to me! Some times with so many people in the room it is not that I do not see you but say hello and I will be happy to take a picture or 2.

To view all the photos please click on this link The Frick Ball 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St Barths Wedding that went off with a big SPLASH

I just got home last night from St Barths having shot a really wonderful wedding for a fun loving couple from Paris. Charlotte and Stephane spend most of their lives in airplanes traveling from Paris to where ever work takes them both in their busy lives. Somehow they found time to get to St Barths with 40 of their close friends to enjoy warm weather, great beaches, fantastic food and each others company.
Staying at The Eden Roc Hotel http://www.edenrockhotel.com they hired Karine Bensa from DK Events http://www.dkeventsbh.com to help arrange all the logistics of the wedding.
After the ceremony in the Anglican Church in Gustavia the excitement continued. The guests were all given clues to a secret location and were told to follow the colored balloons to find the treasure. It was so fun to watch the women in their high heels take to the street racing towards what would become a sunset cruise back to the Hotel.
Once at the 4 boats the guests took of their shoes and scrambled on board. We then motored to Colombier Beach where the boats were tethered together for champagne and potato chips. Who dosen't love a salty chip washed down by some bubbles
It did not take long for people to start jumping into the water. Charlotte was concerned about taking off her dress in front of her guests and making people feel uncomfortable but a few seconds after her new husband Stephane took the plunge she jumped in dress and all.
As the sun set the boats headed to St Jean and The Eden Rock for cocktails on the beach followed by dinner in the Sand Bar.
On Sunday the bride and groom and guests met up for brunch at La Plage which is an easy walk from the hotel. Karine and her staff had decorated the tables with pink flowers and there was a white straw hat with a pink ribbon at everyones place setting. The guests all showed up in white and enjoyed a lunch of fresh grilled local caught fish , salad and lots of chilled rose.

Quest Magazine with Alexandra Richards and Hannah Bronfman March 2014

It is always wonderful shooting for Quest Magazine especially when Daniel Cappello is producing and styling the shoot. He always puts together an amazing team of talent and crew and a few weeks ago it was no exception.
With garment bags in hand he arrived late after work to arrange everything so we would be ready the next morning when Hanna Bronfman and Alexandra Richards arrived for what would be a fun day of trying on Michael Kors beautiful clothes and accessories, sharing stories and yes taking photos.
Gina Bettelli a Senior MAC Cosmetics Artist kept the girls looking fresh and natural while Foto Athanasiadis did wonders with a curling iron without making their hair look quaffed.
Lucky for me there was Pandora to listen to cause how do you decide what music to play when you have the best DJ's in town in the house.
You can view the entire magazine at https://questmag.com/march-2014/
Happy reading.

Here is a behind the scenes glimpse of Daniel styling the belt on Hanna making sure that everything was perfect.