Saturday, October 22, 2016

What they wore on the Red Carpet for ABT

Wednesday night was the ABT Gala at Lincoln Center. There were some stunning dresses. I would say my favorite  was the emerald green Gown worn by Ariana Rockefeller. Indre Rockefeller looked fabulous in lemon yellow while Fe Fendi turned heads in her stunning red off the shoulder gown.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Henna Con 2016

As most of you who follow me on instagram know I fell in love with henna last spring and have been  spending my spare time practicing and learning where ever and when ever I can. As a photographer it has been great to use my eyes and hands in a different way. Last Thursday night after photographing the Carnegie Hall Fall Gala  I raced home at midnight and edited and uploaded the photos so I could jump on a plane on Friday for LA where I spent the weekend at HENNA CON, the largest gathering of henna artist held each year and organized by the McQueen sisters and their mom Flavia.
What an amazing few days I spent encouraged and inspired by both the teachers and the other students. It was as always amazing to witness the beginners as they put henna on paper or people for the first time. It was beautiful to see everyone so focussed. We laughed, we cried, we stayed up too late, we shared stories and drew elephants and umbrellas and asked each other about how we fell in love with henna and when we said good bye we couldn't stop looking on instagram so see where our new friends were going.
It is wonderful to be surrounded by creativity in what ever form it takes. This is my thank you to my new friends, all who have inspired me

Friday, October 7, 2016

Carnegie Hall Fall Gala 2016

Last night was the Carnegie Hall Fall Gala and the ribbon cutting for the Blavatnik Family First Tier.
The evening stated with cocktails followed by the ribbon cutting. Next came the performance and then the guests made their way to the Warldorf Astoria where the ballroom was transformed by the team at David Stark. After dinner the guests took to the dance floor being wicked up by Peter Duchin and his band.
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Friday, September 30, 2016

ABT Junior Turnout at The Bowery Hotel NYC

Last night was the Junior Turnout at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. When Cara Moccia asked me if I would like to attend I was really excited.

Always a beautiful event filled with dancers and guests with a touch of flamboyant style I decided to put my new Canon 5D Mark4 to the test.

Shooting without the flash in the dark venue I soon realized that the camera was producing amazing images. After taking lots of candids it felt like I was taking movie stills for some exotic film noir.

The guests were happy to pose and so here are my results of both the candids and the gently posed photos.

I processed the images in Aperture. Yes I still use Aperture and desaturated them to give them an old worldly feel. Shooting at 6400 ISO there was remarkably little noise and I love the creaminess of the images.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And they Wore Red To the Metropolitan Opera Fall Gala 2016

Here are a few photos of the fire Ladies who chose to wear Red to The Metropolitan Fall Gala 2016.
The Dinner was served in a tent designed by the very talented David Stark.  With its under water theme the dresses floated through the space in beautiful contrast to the blue waves of fabric hanging from the ceiling of the tent.

The Metropolitan Opera Fall Gala 2016 Celebrating 50 years at Lincoln Center

Monday Night was the NYC Metropolitan Opera Fall Gala 2016. It was also the premier of Tristain und Isolde staring Nina Stemme. I was so lucky to get to watch the Opera in a box on the Parre Terre level and found myself behind the amazingly beautiful and very chic Bianca Jagger who looked stunning in all black. You can see her in the post below arriving at the top of the stairs. As always Mrs Ziff looked fabulous and radiant in a pink ball gown. Mercedes Bass was wearing perhaps the most beautiful jewels I have ever seen. Oscar and Agnes Hsu-Tang stopped to say


Friday, September 23, 2016

New York City Ballet Fall Gala 2016 Red Carpet

Fashion Week may have come and gone but Fashion was the focus on the Red Carpet at this years New York City Ballet Fall Gala.
Sarah Jessica Parker looked stunning and arrived with her handsome husband Matthew Broderick. It was Sarah Jessica who came up with the idea to create an evening of ballet and fashion several years ago and has been a very strong supporter ever since.
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New York City Ballet Fall Gala Dinner

After a wonderful evening of Ballet the guests came out to be seated for dinner. It is such a glamorous space to have a Black tie event. Every one chased and mingled and finally sat down to a delicious meal prepared by Daniel Boulud
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hope Funds For Cancer Research Lunch and Fellows Laboratory Tour

On August 10th I flew to Boston to photograph the Hope Funds for Cancer Research Lunch and Fellows Laboratory Tour. It was a fascinating day.

We met at Catalyst Restaurant where conversations were not just about the weather. Everyone was eager and excited to get to visit The Broad Institute, The Whitehead Institute and The Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research.

After a delicious meal we headed over to begin our tour and for the next 3 hours we spent time with different researchers at the different labs as they expressed their passion for the work they do and showed us with pride where they worked and told us a little about what they were doing.

At the end I saw a sign that really said it all. These tireless researchers who are searching to find the cures for cancer just never give up. They are my heroes.

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