Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kelly and James

Kelly Irwin has an eye for detail, an adventurous spirit and is a fellow Australian. How great it was to hear her familiar accent when she called me last year to tell me she was getting married to James at Christmas in Sydney.
Would I be home visiting my family? The answer was yes!
It was obvious I would be there to photograph her wedding. What fun for me. I called my sister Vicki and asked her to be my assistant for the day. How lucky am I! Vicki is the reason I became a photographer. While I was off modeling in Europe she was busy photographing for all the magazines and every rock and roll band that came to Sydney while working for Patrick Jones Studio.
So back to Kelly and her story.
Kelly had the great luck to win a Greencard in the lottery system so she packed up her bags and moved to NY without any idea of where or how she would find a job.
It did not take long. As luck would have it she landed a job with Preston Bailey and became the Director of Client Services. I don't know how she had time to organise her own wedding but she did. Armed with many suit cases she took home an array of things to help create the perfect night.
Her Mum also got involved in more ways than one. She decided she wanted to make the cake so with just two private classes in how to make sugar roses, many late nights in the kitchen and a new oven later she created a beautiful cake that not only looked amazing it tasted wonderful.
After the ceremony Kelly and James took time to go down to the harbour with the bridal party for a quick sip of bubbly and some photos. Later after dinner everyone had fun in the photo booth.