Friday, September 27, 2019

New York City Ballet fall Gala 2019 with Sarah Jessica Parker and friends at Lincoln Center NYC

Last night was the Fall Gala for the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center in NY. I was so thrilled to be in the midst of such a radiant crowd lead by the always stunning and everyone's favorite NY Belle of the Ball Sarah Jessica Parker. I was also so happy to see Lizzie Tisch and Indre Rockefeller with their myriad of friends. Zac Possen dressed many of the women who's gowns were fabulous. I have to say Laverne Cox stole the show for me. She arrived late and was asking for a cocktail. The bar had closed but I convinced her I would find her a drink if she would pose for a photo. She did and somehow I found a bartender who saw the desperation in my eyes when I told her I needed a glass of champagne PRONTO!!!!! She found the last bottle hidden under the bar and opened it for me just in time for Laverne to get her drink before being whisked off to the theater.
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