Sunday, March 27, 2011

St Barths Bucket Weekend

All my friends know St Barths is my favorite place close to New York that makes me feel like I am back in Australia. I never really know why this little island has always felt this way to me. Maybe because like Australia it attracts salty sea dogs and fabulous women.
This week is the Bucket and the boats in the port are lined up one bigger than the next. Watching them entering and exiting is amazing.
Yes the women are beautiful in their flowing clothes and leather and pearl necklaces while the men are rugged with windswept faces from time spent on the water or living outside ( even if it is only for a week).
The restaurants are full at night and where ever I look there are familiar faces, some I know personally and others we all know thanks to their larger than life talents.
My excuse for this visit was that Pamela Fiori is here this week to celebrate her new book, In The Spirit of St Barths.
Last night there was a book signing at Clic. The wonderful little gallery was buzzing with activity. Olivia Chantecaille and her family were all there to support Pamela as were the Mishaans, Kino, Nichole Miller, Tony Dub, his brother Phillip with wife Gertrude, Melanie Smith and many more. Here are a few of my iPhone photos and below you will find the shots from last night.

Pamela's Book Party At Clic

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Metropolitan Opera Spring Gala

Tonight was the much anticipated opening of Le Comte Ory at the Met Opera.
The crowd was beautiful, many of the women were wearing gowns by Yves Saint Laurent.
There was a dinner held on the Balcony. The guests arrived early and had cocktails upstairs followed by dinner below. They then went in to enjoy the first act. Dessert followed during the intermission and then the guests returned to their seats for the remainder of the performance.
Mrs Ziff and Mrs Bass both looked amazing as did Claire Danes and Claudia Schiffer. I am always happy to see the always elegant Marlene Hess and her husband Jim Zirin.
Many thanks to all the staff who not only took great care of me, they also let me take their photos at the end of the night. Ladies you Rock... and you know who you are! To view all the photos please click on The Met Spring Gala Link

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Asia Society Gala

Last night the Asia Society held its Gala at 583 Park Ave. The food is always great that they serve but last night with its asian flair it was extra delicious.
There were women in saris and lots of bright colours. Naeem and Ranjana Khan plus Donna D'Cruz and her husband Tom Silverman were just 2 of the stunning couples that I saw when I first walked in. The tables were beautiful, each one designed by a different designer.
The event raised over nine hundred thousand dollars and will be used to further the artistic relationships between the US and Asia.

To view all the photos please click on Asia Society Gala Link

Monday, March 21, 2011

Save Venice Ball

Finally all the images are uplaoaded and you can view them all on this link.
Best wishes
To view all the photos please click on Save Venice Ball Link

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Save Venice Ball

Last night was every thing I love about a great party.Here is how they do it! Start with The Plaza Hotel Ballroom decorated by the fabulous Ron Wendt. Next fill it up with Co-Chairs, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Mary Kthryn Navab, Carlos Sousa and Matt White, then add International Co-Chairs, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti and Nadia Swarovski, plus Young Friends Co-Chairs Olivia Chantecaille, Amanda Hearst, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Luigi Tadini and you know the room is going to be buzzing.
This event raises money to restore art works in Venice and in keeping with the theme of Carnival many of the guests were inspired to wear masks and costumes. Francesco Clementi won an award for the best mask while Beatrix Ost won for best costume. Courtney Love was looking great. I didn't see her till the end of the night and so she popped her mask on for me and threw her arms in the air.
After dinner the music was turned up and the dancing got going. It didn't take long for Colin Cowie to have women dancing on the tables and spinning on the floor. Other guests returned to the foyer where Grey Goose cocktails awaited them. It was well after midnight when I looked at my watch. Where did the time go?

To view all the photos please click on Save Venice Ball Link

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The School of American Ballet Winter Gala

Last night was the Winter Ball for the School of American Ballet. Held at Lincoln Center in the David H. Koch Theater the dinner raised over a million dollars. There were lots of beautiful people in wonderful clothes. I always love seeing Al Roker and his wonderful wife Deborah Roberts. Last night they were the honorary Chairs. As always she looked awesome in a very fun short gown.
The dinner was served upstairs and I was lucky to be seated. Many thanks to the staff who were really helpful and made sure I got my shots.

To view all the photos please click on The School of American Ballet Winter Gala Link

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Frick Gala

Last night in pouring rain I headed to the Frick Museum for the Spring Gala.
How did so many beautiful women manage to look as if there was not a drop of water to be felt. I personally arrived soaked and happy for my big winter coat. I bumped into Bill Cunningham in the broom closet where we always store out bags and he wishes me good luck. I didn't need it. Everyone looked great.
Olivier Chang was catering the event and I have to say the ice creams on sticks that they served at the end were marvelous. They had a little kick to them. It is fun eating something cold that has a hot after bite!
To view all the photos please click on The Frick Museum Gala Link

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blair and Pete get married

Finally the magazine is out and i can post more of the photos from this wedding. I was so excited to hear that Blair and Pete were going to get married in Bermuda. It was a perfect choice for this hard working, jet setting couple. Blair, who is the Director of Media Relations at Cartier certainly knows a few thing about organizing events and with the help of the wonderful staff at Tucker's Point Hotel, she managed all of the details her self. The beautiful invitations and the jewelry came from Cartier. She chose to have 3 wedding bands circled with diamonds in white, yellow and pink gold and her husband a traditional single band. The engraving in the rings was so beautiful. After the wedding on the croquet lawn the guests were transported to the beach club where dinner was served under a full moon. Later cake and dancing were enjoyed by the pool.To see the slide show go to or click on the link to the right.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Museum of The City of NY

Last Thursday night the Museum of The City of NY held its annual Spring Gala. This year because the Museum is undergoing a renovation the Gala was held at the Plaza Hotel. The event was spectacular. Many of the women were dressed in Oscar de la Renta. The night raised over five hundred thousand dollars.
To view all the photos please click on The Museum Gala Link

Blair and Pete in Martha Stewart Weddings

I had so much fun in Bermuda photographing Blair and Peter's wedding. Here is the link to the page on line where you can see some more photos. I hope you visit it.
Martha Stewart Weddings