Sunday, March 27, 2011

St Barths Bucket Weekend

All my friends know St Barths is my favorite place close to New York that makes me feel like I am back in Australia. I never really know why this little island has always felt this way to me. Maybe because like Australia it attracts salty sea dogs and fabulous women.
This week is the Bucket and the boats in the port are lined up one bigger than the next. Watching them entering and exiting is amazing.
Yes the women are beautiful in their flowing clothes and leather and pearl necklaces while the men are rugged with windswept faces from time spent on the water or living outside ( even if it is only for a week).
The restaurants are full at night and where ever I look there are familiar faces, some I know personally and others we all know thanks to their larger than life talents.
My excuse for this visit was that Pamela Fiori is here this week to celebrate her new book, In The Spirit of St Barths.
Last night there was a book signing at Clic. The wonderful little gallery was buzzing with activity. Olivia Chantecaille and her family were all there to support Pamela as were the Mishaans, Kino, Nichole Miller, Tony Dub, his brother Phillip with wife Gertrude, Melanie Smith and many more. Here are a few of my iPhone photos and below you will find the shots from last night.

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