Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Harlem School of the Arts Fall Gala 2017

last night was the Harlem School of the Arts Fall Gala at the Plaza Hotel. It was such a fun night with students and guests mixing and mingling. The students performed some songs and dance and wowed us all with the passion and performances.
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Jacinda Bayne Exhibit in NY, MERGING LANDSCAPES

Last night I was thrilled to get to attend the opening of Jacinda Bayne's Merging Landscapes at the Anderson Contemporary Gallery located at 180 Maiden Lane in lower Manhattan.
I live up town so I always feel like I am visiting another city when I venture down to the Wall Street area.
By 6.30 pm the crowds had left and the streets were calm as I wove my way down Maiden Lane.
I was so excited to see Jacinda again. We met last Saturday when she came to visit me in my studio with her husband Murray and their 2 year old Riley. Connected by one of my friends from when I was not much old than Riley, Jacinda is one of those people you just want to spend time getting to know. She loves her family and she loves her art. Throw in being raised by eccentric parents in New Zealand and a passion for travel there is a lot to know about this dynamic blond who also manages to keep in shape not just by doing spin classes in Freemantle Australia, she also teaches the classes several times a week.
"You know Julie as an Artist I need to get out of my studio and be social. Teaching spin is great cause it combines meeting new people and staying in shape".
Last nights opening was beautiful. I met many Australians, some who have lived here for years, others that were just passing through. Murray's mother had flown in from Scotland so it was a family affair.
Jacinda has some paintings of bridges. While I think of them as things that connect us she wants to remind us to pause in the middle and observe our surroundings. What ever you think I say cross a bridge, take a tunnel or hop on a ferry..... or what ever you need to do to get there and take a moment to enjoy some art.
So if you have a chance take a journey downtown and visit this space. It is in the lobby of 180 Maiden Lane so just ask to be pointed in the right direction when you get there.
To see more of Jacinda's work click on www.jacindabayneartist.com
For info on Anderson Contemporary click on www.andersoncontemporary.com

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Carnegie Hall Fall Gala 2017

Last night was the Carnegie Hall 2017 Gala performance followed by Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street. The concert was a total crowd pleaser for so many reasons. Firstly due to a strain in one of Lang Langs hands he is only able to play one handed and this could have been very tricky as he was due to perform Gerswin's Rhapsody in Blue for 2 pianos with Chick Corea and the Philadelphia Orchestra, however Lang Lang suggested that a third piano be bought on stage and that the 14 year old Maxim Lando to play his other hand.
The three of them had the audience in raptures.
After the concert the crowd made their way to Cipriani 42nd Street for a wonderful dinner of shrimp salad, rack of lamb and a cream cake with the Carnegie symbol made out of white and red chocolate on top.
A bib shout out to Mercedes Bass who not only looked radiant but also danced up a storm well after the guests were beginning to leave.
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I have to say The NYC Ballet Fall Fashion Gala is one of the hottest events of the year. Not only does the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker bring her friends and her fabulous style to this event, it does not take long for everyone to take to the dance floor. And oh how they all dance, guests and dancers alike.
Between the dresses and the flowers that this year hung in the sky to the laughing, dancing crowd this is a night that makes NYC one of the best places to be.
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