Thursday, December 1, 2016

UNICEF Snowflake Ball 2016

Tuesday night was the UNICEF Snowflake Ball 2016 celebrating 70 years of UNICEF. Amazing to think that the Annual Gala is in its 12th year and at the end of the evening it was announced that they had raised over 3.9 million dollars to help save the children in need.
The first award was given to Moll Anderson who moved the crowd with her passionate description of traveling as a UNICEF Ambassador and how it had changed her life. She challenged us all to make the journey and to see first hand what is happening in the field.
It was a record evening however the high light for me was when it was when Pamela Fiori who was describing the Audrey Hepburn Award called Carol back on stage who then announced that Hilary Clinton was going to introduce Katy Perry who was receiving the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian award.
I usually have all the inside information well in advance of the event. Being the photographer my clients like me to be well prepared however there was so much secrecy about Mrs Clinton's appearance that night that I wasn't even warned before it was announced she was about to take the stage. Luckily I was close by and didn't need to race to the front of the stage. The room roared with approval and we all cheered as she walked up to the podium. And then the room became so quiet I could hear my own thumping heart beat.
As Mrs Clinton described Katy and her dedication towards woman and children, Katy who was sitting beside Orlando Bloom had tears running down her face. Yes I took a photo as he reached over and kissed her and if I get permission form the powers that be I promise I will post it because I loved witnessing such an amazing moment and even more, feel so blessed to have been able to catch it all even if it is only for the private eyes of Katy and Orlando.
And may I say that as sad as I am that Mrs Clinton did not win the election I must believe that the reason is clear that she is going to be able to achieve far greater good without the mantle of president weighing her down and that in this time of great divide we have all been made aware of how fractured this system and country have become.
And so a night of celebration was made all the more sweet as we all came together for a common cause, helping the lives of millions of children in need of even just the basic requirement of fresh drinking water or medicine or even food to prevent malnutrition.

Best wishes and may the holiday cheer continue.