Friday, September 28, 2018

New York City Ballet Fall Gala 2018 at Lincoln Center with Sarah Jessica Parker

Last night was full of fun and festivities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Lizzie Tischem, Mazdack Rassi, Kelly Ripa, Marlene Hess and a host of others joined choreographers  Kyle Abraham, Mathew Neenan, Gianna Reisen and fashion designer's Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh in and evening of dance and celebration.
The room looked stunning thanks to Raul Avila.
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NYC Ballet Fall Gala 2018 RED CARPET PHOTOS with Sarah Jessica Parker at Lincoln Center

Last night was the Fall Gala for NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center.

Sarah Jessica Parker was there with her husband and friends to celebrate the Ballet and all its dancers.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Met Opera Gala Fall 2018

Monday night was the always stunning Met Opera opening night and this year it was underwritten by Oscar and Agnes Tang. I have known Oscar since I shot his daughter Dana's wedding  years ago in Aspen. The couple was radiant and Agnes  looked gorgeous in a pink gown.
The nights performance was Samason and Dalila. I loved spotting Katie Lowes in the crowd. She stoped me to tell me how excited she was to be there. Later she was with Elina Garaca and was so full of praise for the talented Opera Star who had lead the cast in the performance in her role as Delila. After the opera guests and the Artists  had dinner together in the David Koch Theater across form the Met. David Stark and his team created a beautiful space for the guests to enjoy their celebrations.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The New York Philharmonic Gala September 20th 2018

September 20th was the NY Philharmonic Fall Gala introducing Jaap van Zweden to his new position as Music Director. There was a real buzz in the air and the sounds of chattering in English and Dutch as many of Jaap's friends from Holland came to celebrate with him.
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