Friday, October 8, 2010

Christina and Adrian get married

I met Christina a few years ago. She works at the Metropolitan Opera so we would always see each other at the Gala's. One year she arrived in the most beautiful ball gown and I asked if she would come to my studio and allow me to take her portrait. She brought her parents with her and since then we have been great friends. When she told me she had met a guy who lived in Japan I was amazed. They had met while he was home on leave. She was smitten and the 2 of them found a way to fall in love across an ocean.
It is rare that I get to be a guest at a wedding. I had the best time. Of course I could not leave my cameras at home. Her are the photos that I took. Thanks Christina. I really had a great day and was so happy when they threw you both in the air that I was able to catch it for you. To see the slideshow please click this link Slideshow

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