Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jessica Sailer from Vogue gets married in St Barths

When Jessica Sailer, the Fashion Market Editor at Vogue and her fiance Mark wanted to get married in St Barths neither of them had actually ever been to the island. This very busy couple who spend their weeks in NY both play polo on the weekends so trying to organise a destination wedding meant finding someone on the island to take care of all their needs.
Melanie Smith is the go to person on St Barths. The couple needed two villas close to each other for them and their families to stay in. The wedding ceremony was in the church in Gustavia and the reception followed at Eden Rock. After a delicious dinner of local lobster it was time for the couple to cut the amazing cake. I had watched it being assembled by the pastry chefs from Maya's to go. Because of the warm weather it was kept inside until it was ready to be cut.
After that it was dancing on the beach followed by a swim in the ocean. Luckily Jessica had changed into a second outfit and was by that time bare foot however some of the other guests were tossed in shoes and all.
Elouise the youngest guest at the dinner kept very busy drawing portraits of all the guests, As you can see she has a big career in front of her but first she has to finish 1st grade.

For any more information on weddings on St Barth's I suggest you contact Melanie at
And for all your picnics at the beach and at home meals Maya's to go has the best take out food I have ever eaten anywhere that my travels have taken me.

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