Thursday, October 22, 2009

Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation

When Wendy Kleinman from WK Planning called me in August to see if I could photograph the Gala she was organizing for Children's Cancer and Blood Foundation little did I know I would be spending the day with Ted Turner and Toni Braxton as they toured Presbyterian Hospital to meet some of the children who are treated there each day. They were both being honored that night for their work with children.
Toni lights up the room when she walks in and with me clicking my camera and Ted and Toni smiling at everyone, heads turned as we walked down the halls of the hospital. The doctors had so much information to give us all.
Later that night it was onto the Plaza Ballroom where Ted and the beautiful Cynthia MacDonald were the first to arrive.
After dinner Toni sang and walked off the stage into the crowd. To the delight of some of the gentlemen she sat on their laps and sang and flirted with all of the guests. The photos say it all! It was a fun event and flawless thanks to Wendy and her team.

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