Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes Julie Skarratt was a Cosmopolitan Cover Girl

Last Sunday I had the most fun photographing a Bat Mitzvah for Ali. I had spent the afternoon with her and her sisters last Thursday when she had quizzed me on who I was. As I was taking her photos I told her how I had modeled years ago. She wanted to hear my stories and so I told her a few. On Sunday when I came back to the house her mom and sisters wanted to hear my stories too. I told them about the time I was living in Milan when I was 19 years old. It was winter and I had to go to Rome to film a commercial for swim suits. We drove for 2 hours and got to a pool that had steam coming off it. This was a problem because it was meant to look like summer so we had to wait all day for the pool to cool down to 50 degrees and then the camera man jumped in with 3 wetsuits on and I was told to dive in and swim the length of the pool. With teeth chattering and my skin turning blue and not really able to complain because I didn't know enough italian I did what I was asked and had to swim 7 times for the different takes.
Here is a very different beach photo that was taken in 1980 just before I left Australia for Europe and the December issue that was taken on one of my trips home in 1981. Yes Julie Skarratt was a Cosmopolitan Cover Girl.