Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ilo Ferreira travels the back roads

It has been over 6 months since I have seen Ilo so it was really great catching up with him last weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where he was playing at LuLu 's Restaurant both Friday and Saturday night. I had just met the fabulous LuLu herself on board Jimmy Buffett"s plane as we flew down from the Hamptons to escort Jimmy as part of his entourage. Yes I was tour photographer and you better believe me when I say it was fun! But that is another story and another post.
Ilo has lots to be smiling about. He has been out non stop on the road since last summer, mostly around Florida but also traveling in between his own gigs to meet up with Jimmy and then staying on the do his own shows.
It was exciting to hear all his stories. My favorite one was how he went to Memphis and visited Gracelands and was blown away by Elvis. So I asked him if we could do some more photos a little different from our last photo session and he agreed to wake up 3 hours early to let me catch a few new photos before I had to go off to work. We spent 30 minutes together and it was a great way to start my day.
Ilo's schedule is up on his website so just click on the link and hope to see you there Ilo's Tour Dates