Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talya and Joey got married!

How do you organise a wedding and make sure your best friends will be in NY. If you work as a journalist for W you do it on Sunday Night during Fashion Week when you know people will be in town and that is exactly what Talya and Joey must have been thinking. They wanted a very simple wedding in their favorite local restaurant. Talya got ready at The Bowery Hotel just a few blocks away from home and then I ran over to the apartment were Joey's mom was feeding him chicken soup. It was pouring with rain. I dashed back to the hotel then as soon as Talya was dressed I ran to The Mermaid Inn at 96 2nd Ave. Yes there was a lot of splashing up and down the streets of the east village.
By the time the car bringing Talya had done the circle of one way streets I was ready and waiting. The guests were overflowing the little front room and everyone was really excited. For a second I thought Talya was going to melt when she saw the crowd that she had to walk through without being seen but somehow she turned herself invisible and made it to the back room where her sister pinned on her veil.
The ceremony was beautiful. Their good friend Brooke married them under a Chuppah that Talya's mother had made from a cloth that had been given to her by her mother. We all squished around them as they said their vows.
Cocktails followed and the guests laughed and joked and everyone had a camera and took millions of photos. Dinner was in the back room. I had the fish tacos and let me tell you they were yummy. Instead on a cake Talya wanted to honor her father by serving his favorite thing. Apple Pie and mint chip ice cream. What a combination.
Then it was back to the bar area where everyone danced until well after 1 o'clock. So happy days to the 2 of you and thanks for letting me come and photograph.

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