Friday, June 10, 2011

Hope Funds for Cancer Research Dinner

Last night I photographed the Annual Hope Funds for Cancer Research here in New York. It has been a heat wave all week so it was amazing to see everyone looking so dashing, especially the men who were in white tie for this formal occasion.
Honorees who were presented with the 2011 Hope Funds Award of Excellence at this year's Gala were: Joan Massagué, Ph.D., for Basic Science; Kenneth C. Anderson, M.D., for Clinical Development; Larry Norton, M.D., for Medicine; Ellen Stovall for Advocacy; Donald J. Listwin, for Philanthropy; while David H. Koch was presented the 2010 Award of Excellence for Philanthropy.
The room looked amazing with 2 long tables. It felt like a State Dinner. I sat next to one of the young researchers who has been the recipient from a postdoctoral fellowship in Cancer Research from Hope Funds and who told me that it had enabled him to continue working in a lab.. He also explained that while only 6 years old Hope Funds is making a big difference in the lives of those working in the areas of many difficult-to-treat cancers that are the last ones to get funding.
Many thanks to Leah Caan, without whom this organization would not exist.

To view all the photos please click on this link Hope Funds Dinner

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