Thursday, July 21, 2011

La Grenouille NYC

It started with the peaches. They were in an organic shaped wooden bowl just inside the door. They captured my attention and I could not pass them by with out taking a photo. They were lush and velvety, a perfect summertime fruit.
Tonight I went to photograph a private dinner at La Grenouille.
I was early. It is easy to be early when I know there are things I want to take my time to photograph. The flowers were beautiful but it was the peaches that really inspired me first.
I photographed the space and then the guests arrived. They mingled and sipped cocktails while admiring the beautiful room.
When I was finished I was invited downstairs to sit at the bar where I was served the most delicious light tasty meal. The salad with tomatoes exploded fresh flavor with every bite. The salmon was crisp and light and was nestled on orange scented purple rice. It melted in my mouth.
I had asked for small helpings so I could make it to dessert and I was not disappointed.
First a little tray of petit fours was put in front of me followed by a water mellon granita topped with peach sorbet.
I stepped out into the humid heavy air feeling light as a butterfly. When no taxis came my way I happily walked for 10 blocks.
I love summer and I love the heat but most of all I love the peaches.
Here is the link to the website for more info about La Grenouille

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