Friday, March 14, 2014

The Frick Museum Young Fellows Ball 2014

Last night I was so thrilled to photograph the Celestial Ball. This was the 15th Annual Young Fellows Ball to be held at the Frick.

The dress code was Ethereal Black tie which meant that anything really went. Paul Ka was the event sponsor and many of the women were dressed in the beautiful designs.

I was happy to see Julia Loomis as soon as I arrived and not long after had a chat with Hanna Bronfman who I shot a few weeks ago for Quest and who looked stunning in a slinky black dress. If you follow her on instagram then you will know that she works out hard to look so hot!

It is always fun to run into Micaela English and Sam Dangremond from Town & Country. Maybe some of my shots will end up on Michaela's post for the magazine.

Lisa Volling and her husband Jeff were mingling with friends. It seems like yesterday I was photographing their wedding in Hope Sound.

Alexis Light from the Frick made sure I was getting the shots I needed while Heidi Rosenau was checking on Bill Cunningham. Everyone was wishing Bill Happy Birthday. Amazing that he is now a young 85.

I also met a few new people and chatted in between photos. Here is a secret. If you want your photo taken just say hello to me! Some times with so many people in the room it is not that I do not see you but say hello and I will be happy to take a picture or 2.

To view all the photos please click on this link The Frick Ball 2014

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