Monday, October 27, 2014

ABT Fall Gala 2014

Last Wednesday October 22nd 2014 was the ABT Fall Gala at Lincoln Center. I was there for Quest Magazine and as always it was a great group of people to photograph.

I often get asked if any one ever makes me weak at the knees when I work and the answer is no not usually but I have to say when Chris Noth looked up and caught my eye I though I was having a true Sex in the City moment. Where were the cameras and the director. Where was the script that said he would then come over and ask the photographer to dance?

Luckily for my knobby knees that script was not written and I managed to continue on photographing the likes of the beautiful Leslie Ziff, Misty Copeland, Nigel and Cristen Barker, Andrew Martin Weber, Idre Rockefeller, Gillian Miniter, Christian Siriano, Deborah Roberts, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Hanna Bronfman, Jean Shafiroff, Caryn Zucker, Susan Fales-Hill, Star Jones, Julia Loomis, Kevin Mc Kenzie, Anna Tatlock, Rachel Moore, Fe Fendi, Hamish Bowles, Marcelo Gomez  and a host of others. To see all the photos you can click on this link ABT FALL GALA 2014

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