Monday, June 29, 2015

Hope Funds for Cancer Research have a wonderful summer Gala at the Breakers Newport

It has been many years since the Breakers has opened its door for the grand occasion of a white tie Dinner with beautifully elegant men and women dinning in the main hall and dancing away the evening after dinner to the sounds of a live band. Such was Saturday night when the halls and rooms were filled with doctors, research fellows, old family socialites and other supporters of the Hope Funds for Cancer Research.
In her speech at the end of the evening Leah Cann reminisced on her thoughts of what it would have been like 100 years ago to attend such an event and pointed out that at that time although many things would have been the same there were no cures for cancer or successful treatments available. She expressed her hopes that in another 100 years when people are enjoying the beautiful and majestic space of the Breakers that they will note that Cancer will have become a disease of the past.
Thanks to the hard work of all involved Hope Funds supports it fellows in research into some of the rarest cancers so often overlooked by organizations funding in research.

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