Monday, August 15, 2016

Hope Funds For Cancer Research Lunch and Fellows Laboratory Tour

On August 10th I flew to Boston to photograph the Hope Funds for Cancer Research Lunch and Fellows Laboratory Tour. It was a fascinating day.

We met at Catalyst Restaurant where conversations were not just about the weather. Everyone was eager and excited to get to visit The Broad Institute, The Whitehead Institute and The Koch Center for Integrative Cancer Research.

After a delicious meal we headed over to begin our tour and for the next 3 hours we spent time with different researchers at the different labs as they expressed their passion for the work they do and showed us with pride where they worked and told us a little about what they were doing.

At the end I saw a sign that really said it all. These tireless researchers who are searching to find the cures for cancer just never give up. They are my heroes.

To see all the photos please click on this  PHOTO LINK

To learn more about Hope Funds for Cancer Research please click hear HOPE FUNDS LINK

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