Friday, September 30, 2016

ABT Junior Turnout at The Bowery Hotel NYC

Last night was the Junior Turnout at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. When Cara Moccia asked me if I would like to attend I was really excited.

Always a beautiful event filled with dancers and guests with a touch of flamboyant style I decided to put my new Canon 5D Mark4 to the test.

Shooting without the flash in the dark venue I soon realized that the camera was producing amazing images. After taking lots of candids it felt like I was taking movie stills for some exotic film noir.

The guests were happy to pose and so here are my results of both the candids and the gently posed photos.

I processed the images in Aperture. Yes I still use Aperture and desaturated them to give them an old worldly feel. Shooting at 6400 ISO there was remarkably little noise and I love the creaminess of the images.

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