Thursday, October 13, 2016

Henna Con 2016

As most of you who follow me on instagram know I fell in love with henna last spring and have been  spending my spare time practicing and learning where ever and when ever I can. As a photographer it has been great to use my eyes and hands in a different way. Last Thursday night after photographing the Carnegie Hall Fall Gala  I raced home at midnight and edited and uploaded the photos so I could jump on a plane on Friday for LA where I spent the weekend at HENNA CON, the largest gathering of henna artist held each year and organized by the McQueen sisters and their mom Flavia.
What an amazing few days I spent encouraged and inspired by both the teachers and the other students. It was as always amazing to witness the beginners as they put henna on paper or people for the first time. It was beautiful to see everyone so focussed. We laughed, we cried, we stayed up too late, we shared stories and drew elephants and umbrellas and asked each other about how we fell in love with henna and when we said good bye we couldn't stop looking on instagram so see where our new friends were going.
It is wonderful to be surrounded by creativity in what ever form it takes. This is my thank you to my new friends, all who have inspired me

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Flavia McQueen said...

I love your work, black and white is my favorite ! those of us from Henna Caravan are fortunate to have been the subject of some of Julie's photos and its always a treat to see what she sees through her camera ! thank you for sharing !