Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Museum Of the City of New York Spring Gala

There is nothing better than rushing home after a day in the office and changing into my shiny blue suit, brushing my hair and putting on a dab of lipstick if time permits. Last night was no exception. I had somewhere other than in front of my TV to be.

My camera was ready by the time the taxi arrived at the Museum of the City of New York for their Spring Ball.

This year's dazzling sponsors were Leviev and Versace and with the help of 610 guests the Gala raised over $470,000. It is hard to believe we are in a recession when in the company of such well clad folks although this day the dow was up over 300 points. Maybe that is why the hem lines are on the rise.

Thanks to Mark Gilbertson who was the Mighty Might of the night, Susan Henshaw Jones, the Museum's President and Director and Jerry Gallagher who made everyone's vision a reality along with the entire staff of the museum.

The Event was catered by the Abigail Kirsch and a big thanks to Karl, who found me a delicious plate of food in the temporary kitchen. Please no body tell Mark I actually sat down for 10 minutes! As I was leaving he caught me and ran me round making sure no one was missed.

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