Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best ever Baklava

I can never take a trip out to Brooklyn without visiting the Oriental Pastry & Grocery Co. Located at 170 Atlantic Ave. This little store has lots of exotic things to tickle my senses. In the back on the right hand side is a display case containing lots of different pastries. I have tried them all but my favorite is the pistachio Baklava. Last time I was in the shop the shop keeper corrected me on how I eat this flaky sticky delight. I have always started at the top and peeled of the layers of phyllo until I reach the nutty middle and them end with the gooey sweet bottom layer that has soaked up all the honey and syrup. He instructed me to bite down through all the layers to experience all the textures and flavors together. I did as I was told and then took the other 3 pieces home to pull the sweet treats apart layer by layer.

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