Friday, April 2, 2010

Rescue Ink

Last night I found myself at the Auto Show at the Javits Center. The very first person I saw was Justin Green whose wedding I shot 2 years ago. He was all excited because he had invited the guys from Rescue Inc. Of course silly me had no idea who he was talking about but it did not take me long to figure it out. There mingling with the socialites were these big biker guys with lots of tattoos! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am fascinated by them so I had to go talk to the guys.
So if you are like me and don't watch too much TV it seems they have a show and are famous. But actually before the show they had decided to go rescue animals in bad situations. Now it is reality TV.
Johnny O explained what they do then showed me his latest tattoo. He thought about taking off his shirt to show me more on his back but I think I may have fainted so luckily he didn't. All the guys were only too happy to have me take their photo. They have a website GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! It was fun meeting you all


Justin Green said...

Julie, first thanks for the amazing job you did with my wedding... My wife & I have amazing memories, in part from your work... Second, thanks for the post on the guys, they had a great time at the event...

Rescue Ink which continues to be an ever evolving animal rescue organization dedicated to battling animal abuse and neglect through intervention and education, while assisting other animal-welfare agencies and shelters.

Rescue Ink is an animal rescue group that brings an in-your-face approach to the fight against animal abuse and neglect through education and intervention. Rescue Ink benefits from having the exposure of a reality TV show and a large and rapidly growing fan base. The guys rescued animals before, the show, during the show, and will continue to do so long after the show... The organization maintains constant public visibility and makes many appearances on talk shows, news broadcasts, charity events and expos.

As you said, they are unlike any you’ve seen before: a bunch of tattooed, motorcycle-riding tough guys who have joined together to combat animal abuse and neglect through intervention and education, while assisting other animal-welfare agencies and shelters. Like many of the animals that save and the teenagers and adults they affect, the members of Rescue Ink know what it’s like to be given a second chance in life; and they’re using theirs to help the animals, the children, and families involved in abusive situations. In 2010, Rescue Ink will be expanding the educational component of its mission to kids through the Rescue Ink Foundation.

Through its reality TV show “Rescue Ink Unleashed”, which ran domestically on National Geographic and is currently running internationally in 160 countries, Rescue Ink promotes its core mission of stopping abuse and neglect through education and intervention. Today Rescue Ink is currently negotiating a contract with a new network. We are excited about this, as it will allow Rescue Ink to provide a more in-depth look into the world of animal abuse, and the issues which stem from it.

Over the next several weeks Rescue Ink will be announcing a number of exciting initiatives and activities with which we are involved, and the launching of our new and improved website will be up and running in the next several weeks (Mid April 2010) which will be a important tool for Rescue Ink to spread the word of animal abuse, and the other abusive situations which steam from it. We are in the process of creating a partnership with schools, to help educate children on animal abuse and try to curb young adolescents at a young age from taking the wrong path in life.

Rescue Ink and its mission is alive and strong. Thanks to the hard work of Joe Panz, Big Ant, Johnny “O” and Mary, and our countless dedicated recruits and volunteers’, Rescue Ink is now stronger than ever and will continue to promote the Rescue Ink mission.

We are extremely excited about the changes taking place within the organization, as it will allow us to serve our mission much more effectively and efficiently. Stay tuned...

Gail said...

These guys are amazing. I have met them. They are true to their mission. There is no celebrity here. I admire them and will continue my work for the love of animals as they.