Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New York Botanical Garden Conservatory Ball

Ok so lets face it, June has been a great month and seen me all over the place. I've been to Nashville, Mexico and Lancaster County, but way back when the days were just beginning to show the signs that summer was here, I headed up to the New York Botanical Garden Conservatory Ball. The weather was perfect and everyone was happy that the storms that had been forecast earlier that week did not happen. After cocktails in the garden the guests headed for the tent. After dinner the first person on the dance floor was Christian Leone. I need to say that that man can DANCE! Lucky for him there are always a group of partners eager to be spun off their feet. Or should I say lucky for them. No one ever leaves the dance floor with out a giddy smile and those around them are caught up in the magic of dips and twirls. To see all the photos you can visit my website at Julie Skarratt Photography and click on View your Event

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