Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carnegie Hall 120 Anniversary Gala

There are nights and then there are NIGHTS. Last night was one of those big ones where everything is perfect and the atmosphere is buzzing.
To start it all off Clarissa Bronfman who has found time to study design in London of all places, came up with an invitation and a theme and a new location for the Gala Dinner.
Instead of the Warldorf Ballroom the event took place at Moma.
I got to see the first 3 acts of the performance before heading over to the Museum.
James Taylor was, as always fabulous as the MC. With Guitar in hand he sang and introduced Bette Midler. She is such a star in my book. Next came out Steve Martin with a 5 string banjo. Who knew he could play one? I didn't.
In the pouring rain I headed over to Moma and was excited to see the little C's all over the wall created by the talented lighting team.
See if you can spot John Travolta and his wife. I nearly missed them. They came in right before the lights went out and I started photographing before I knew who it was. They went by so fast I didn't even know it was them.

To view all the photos please click on Carnegie Hall Gala Link

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