Monday, April 18, 2011

The Henry Ford Estate Dinner Dance 2011

I had the best weekend. It started on Friday when I left NY and jumped on a plane for Detroit. I rented myself a little red car and zipped around the city before making my way to Fairlane and the Henry Hotel. Dinner was yum in the hotel restaurant then I went upstairs and crashed. It had been a very busy week and so I was happy to dive into the big fluffy bed with lots of pillows on it. I was so tired I didn't even turn on the TV!
Next morning I went over to Grosse Point to meet Mikki Gardner, a wedding co ordinator I will be working with in June and we went to scout all the locations together. I am sooooo excited because the reception is happening at an old estate.
I headed back to the hotel and stopped on my way at a middle eastern restaurant call Amani's located at 13823 Michigan Ave in Dearborn. Wow what a meal. I had so much fun. I ordered falafels and they brought me a plate with many more than I could eat. There were 2 women ordering takeout and they asked me what I was I asked them to join me and they both sat down and shared my meal. I don't know why these things happen more when I am traveling than when I am in NY. Maybe I become more adventurous when I leave home.
That night was the highlight of the weekend, The Henry Ford Estate Dinner Dance. This year the girls were wearing jewelry form Tiffanies and they looked fabulous. Edsel and Cynthia Ford are the best hosts. There were cocktails and dinner followed by dancing and then for the late nighter's there were sliders and onion rings to keep everyone going. The Fords were the last to leave well after midnight. The evening raised over$400,000.
To view all the photos and to purchase copies please click on Henry Ford Dinner Dance Link

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