Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Instagram travels

I love traveling and taking photos with my iphone. It becomes my diary.

I just got back from a trip to Morocco where I visited my best friend from childhood, Rebecca Raft and her partner PC. This amazing couple are the creators and owners of Bouvier, an artisanal jewelry studio located in Palm Beach just outside of Sydney. 

Rebecca and  PC bought and renovated a riad in the medina of Fez a few years ago after they fell in love with the people and the soul of the place. It is magical .
They are always surrounded with artists and creative people where ever they go and staying in their home is the most inspiring time for me.

Fellow house guest was the very talented Maryam Montague who was visiting Fez for the Sacred Music Festival. She has a great blog where you can find out all about her life in Marrakesh and beyond.  www.mymarrakesh.com

Surrounded by treasures that Rebecca has designed or they have found together on their adventures into the souk that is right out side their door I always come back to NY feeling like my creative vision has been given a polish.

It starts with instagram and catching little moments of time without fussing as I wander the ally ways.

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