Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MOMA Party in th Garden 2014

Last night was the 2014 MOMA Party in the Garden and was I happy that it didn't rain. I arrived nice and early so I could get some shots before the guests arrived.
Everyone was excited by the list of guests that included Daniel Craig, Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio.
I was happy to see lots of friends and familiar faces.
 Daniel was receiving an award for his contribution to the arts and was escorted on the red carpet by Marie-Josée Kravis. The other 2 were very discrete and arrived after the guests were seated for dinner. I had heard rumors that Leonardo is extremely camera shy and they turned out to be true. He came hiding under a cap. I snapped a photo or two but realized he was better off being left alone. Daniel on the other hand was charming and happy to be photographed. Madonna was really cool. When I asked her could I take a photo she told me it would cost me. Sorry I did not ask her how much but probably just as well cause who knows what amount she would have said. Wished I had had a dollar in my pocket!
It was also the eve of David Rockefeller's 99th Birthday. I hope he has a wonderful day today.
Happy Birthday Mr Rockefeller.
To see all the photos please click on the link MOMA PARTY IN THE GARDEN 2014

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