Monday, May 22, 2017

BCRF Hot Pink Party Gala 2017

This year the BCRF 2017 Hot Pink Party Gala moved to a new location, The Park Ave Armory in NYC.
Wow what a night. The space was filled with luminous sparkling lights that gave the effect of being in the middle of the universe surrounded by stars. Actually I think I was surrounded by stars from all walks of life. There were the Delta Flight Attendants who gave a check for 1.8 million dollars and the Von Mandl Family that gave a check for 250 thousand dollars.
There were famous Doctors, Actors, Hairdressers, friends and lots more, all dressed up and ready to help raise money to fund the research that is going to find the solution to overcoming Breast Cancer.
To see all 2000 images.................Yes there are a lot if you are looking to find a photo.......But try. I am sure you will enjoy taking a look. Just click on this PHOTO LINK And best wishes always

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