Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ailey at the Apollo

Last night I jumped in a taxi and headed up to Harlem to that landmark that is so exciting to visit, The Apollo Theater.
It was Ailey at the Apollo honoring Leslie and Tom Maheras. Leslie was overcome with emotion as she thanked everyone for attending.
Toni Braxton, the honorary Chair rushed passed me being pulled by her publicist in the hall way, so I didn't get to photograph her until she was on stage.
It was great to see David Monn who was a co-chair along side Lynne & Anthony Carvette and Almaz & Marc Strachan.
There were 6 dances performed. One of the pieces included children from the summer program. They won my heart as they took to the stage.
After the show everyone moved into the tent which of course had been designed by David Monn. It was fabulous. It did not take long for the dance floor to fill.
To view all the photos please click on this link Alvin at the Apollo

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