Thursday, May 17, 2012

In memory of Mary Kennedy

You were always a bright star. I remember the first time we met. I sat between you and Kerry Kennedy at dinner. It was 1984. I was modeling for Ford Models and you were studying in Boston. We shared travel  stories and exchanged addresses and for a while we saw each other when ever you were in NY
Dinners and dancing and late nights in the city and then I didn't see you for a while. Next thing I knew you were marring Bobby.
You made everyone feel special.
I received those famous valentines day cards that you were known for.
Our lives went in different directions occasionally crossing at one event or another.
And there you were always walking towards me from across the room at the Food Allergy Initiative Galas.
With a smile that shone brightly and with grace and poise. I will miss you. 

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