Friday, June 12, 2009

Ariana's First Rice

Last weekend I headed out of the city for the celebration as Ariana ate her first rice. What a great excuse to get every one together and for the women to get out their saris. When Sonaly and Raul were married in India 2 years ago little did I know that I would get to be part of future festivities that always include amazing ritual and food. I love Sonaly's Mum. Not only is she very beautiful but she has to be the best cook that I know. I am sure that the rice pudding that little Ariana got to eat was extra delicious. After eating the rice Ariana was given the task of crawling over to a big tray that had several items on it. There was a book, some silver, a pen, some soil and a gold bangle. Sonaly was wishing for her daughter to pick the bangle as a sign that she would be blessed with more jewels in her life. The apple does not fall far from the tree and Ariana thrilled us all by going right to the bracelet. Later she was fed a full tasty meal that had lots of spicy dishes by her uncle. Her favorite was the sugary sweet that he gave her at the end.

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Sarina Chauhan said...

What a beautiful ceremony and baby girl!