Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jennifer and Brett tie the knot

Last Saturday the best plans were shot when the weather decided to pour just as Jennifer got into her dress. I had planed on a walk around the meat packing district with the couple before their wedding at the Glass Houses at 545 West 25th St but it was not to be! Somehow I convinced Jennifer to walk to the corner near Soho House , where she had gotten ready and we did get a photo without trashing the dress!
Dejaun Struad was given the challenge of creating a ceremony area that could be transformed into a lounge area while the guests were present and the amazing Peter Callahan managed to serve fantastic drinks and delicious food both hot and cold from a tiny kitchen. Instead of a sit down dinner the couple decided to have a cocktail party with passed plated dishes. Peter's food always delights the guests from his little salmon and caviar pigs to mini donuts and mini milk shakes with chocolate cookies. The DJ Ray Jarrell had everyone dancing straight from 8.30 to 1 am when the guests headed back to the Soho House for an after Party. Check for the slide show coming soon on the right of the blog.

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agoodsort.com said...

The food looks great...so does the bride