Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rebecca and Barry

Last Sunday recovering from chasing my beautiful bride all over Glass Houses, I decided to go to the Barbeque Cook Out on 23rd St and to get myself some greasy yummy well deserved food. I arrived at 4 pm and can you imagine the smell of all those ribs being cooked. There was only one problem. There were lines that were miles long and it seemed as if every line I got in was terminated a minute later with the sad news that yes another stand was sold OUT!!! I thought about going to the movies. As I got to Rub BBQ on 23rd I could see a large crowd outside. I spotted Rebecca and her husband Barry. There they were in the window of Rub. Turns out their daughter Teri had had the same idea as me to go to the street fair but had bailed at the first sight of lines and had met her parents for a very late lunch. Barry handed me a rib which I happily ate and then I went inside and sat down to join them.

So I got my fix. Thanks Rebecca cause you are the BEST!

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