Monday, May 30, 2011

Fez Food

One of the best things about staying with friends is that I get to meet people who live and work locally. Last night I meet Gail Leonard. Originally from Yorkshire this self confessed food obsessive started a company called Fez Food. She does all kinds of custom tours from walking around the medina sampling the local honey, breads, meats and spices to cooking classes and excursions all over Morocco.
It was her night off so we meet her at Fez Cafe in Le Jardin des Biehn. Tucked away behind a huge door we entered into a garden and walked along the path until we arrived at the brightly coloured veranda where we found our table. The menu was a mixture of traditional food with a hint of french cuisine.
Today we bumped into Gail as she was walking through the spice market with some american tourists. They had just sampled camel meat and were on their way to have a local coffee.
To see Gail's blog you can click on the link FEZ FOOD

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