Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quest Magazine

When I got a call a few weeks ago from Daniel Cappello the Fashion Editor at Quest Magazine I was so excited when he asked if I could step in and photograph their May Issue Jewelry story and cover just 2 days later. The photographer they had hoped to work with was suddenly unavailable and he was in the lurch. The Royal Plaza Suite at The Plaza Hotel was to be the location and the models were all organised.
It sounded fun so all I had to do was say yes.
Everyone arrived early and the hair and makeup people from Valery Joseph Salons got to work.
The suite was enormous and certainly lives up to its name. With the sun streaming into the bedroom I just had to start there. It was easy to get lost. There was a huge kitchen, a library, gym, dining room and living room.
The ladies were stunning. Coralie Charriol Paul and I had worked together before and I love her vivacious smile and bubbly personality.
Kelly Rutherford was elegant and full of ideas. When her little girl arrived we had so much fun when Kelly handed her an amazing necklace to hold.
Melanie Fascitelli was a true working mum in action. She came and got her hair and make up done then rushed of to Saks for a buyers meeting then came back to get her photos done all with out having a hair out of place.
In the afternoon Coralie's daughter also came for a visit and was happiest when in her mothers arms however she was tempted to sit in a chair and eat a carrot stick while I took one of the photos..
How these 3 women all juggle work and families and still find time to come and be photographed is a true sign of their ability to multi task and be fabulous in all situations.
At the end of the day we were all running over to the BCRF Dinner. I dashed back to the studio to change cameras and somehow they all got home in time to feed their kids, change and look gorgeous for the Gala.
I hope you pick up a copy of the magazine or maybe you are lucky enough to live in a building where they deliver it.

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