Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Riad Momo

As all my friends know I am traveling with my Mum here in Morocco.
Last night we went to a restaurant where I took this photo of her. Yes it is fun to play tourists with her and in true Mum fashion she had the horse mans rifle in a jiffy. He offered to marry her but I told him I would not trade her for 100 camels.
She is an avid walker and so today with the planning help of Jabrane here at Riad Saba we headed out from Marrakesh to a place about 45 miles from the city. We were met by a guide who took us on a hike through the valley over a river and through 3 berber villages. We walked among the fruit trees and the olive groves and took time to smell the roses, the lavender and all the herbs growing along the path.
At the end we emerged upon Riad Momo overlooking the lake where we stopped for a late lunch.
The weather today was overcast which made it perfect for walking and as we ate lunch a light misty rain fell dropping the temperature to a very comfortable level. After the meal we wandered around the grounds. Next time I come back I will make the time to stay here a night.

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