Saturday, May 28, 2011


WhenI was back in Australia at Christmas I visited my old school friend Rebecca Raft and her partner PC at their home and workshop in Palm Beach. Rebecca designs and makes handmade silver jewelry and has a company called Bouvier.
A few years ago the two of them visited Fez and fell in love with the ambience, food, buildings and people in this far away exotic place. Without hesitating they found themselves an old riad that they have renovated in the heart of the medina.
Rebecca showed me photos as we sat on her terrace overlooking the gum trees and the beach and we decided that I should come and visit.
In the last few years not only have the 2 transformed a pile of rubble into a haven of tranquility they have met amazing artists and craftsmen that have brought to life many of Rebecca's designs from the hanging brass lights to the cushions and chairs. Even the pottery was made to her design and the calligraphy on the cups and plates says Dar Rafti, a play on her name.
The first night we sat on her terrace drinking coffee and nibbling on honey almond pastries that melted in my mouth while the call to prayers echoed in the background.
The next day we wandered around the medina. I am so inspired by the tiles, colors, woodwork and the hidden spaces that open as one walks through the old wooden doors.
To view Rebecca's web site click on this link BOUVIER

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