Monday, April 30, 2012

The 2012 Memorial Sloan Kettering Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Wednesday April 25th was the Memorial Sloan Kettering Gala a the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While all the photographers were inside I decided to stand on the stairs and photograph everyone outside as they entered. It was perfect. The weather was warm enough that most people did not have on coats over their beautiful dresses. Tory Birch looked so amazing. She was the first to arrive soon to be followed by her fellow Co-Chairs Muffie Potter Aston who arrived next with her husband looking fabulous all in gold. followed by Jamie Tisch in red and Caryn Zucker in a black dress with a sensational split that showed off her shoes and she ran up the stairs holding on to the fabric to avoid showing to much leg! I wish she had just let it go and given me and Angelina moment! To view all the photos please click on this link The Memorial Sloan Kettering Spring Gala 2012

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