Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kim Hicks New Collection shoot.

People often ask me what kind of photos I take and I reply " Have Camera will travel"
How do you start to describe a life that has me photographing Rock Stars one day, Royal Family the next and then parties, weddings, jewels and occasionally and I mean occasionally fashion.
When Kim asked me to come in and photograph her new clothes in her atelier I was thrilled. She had hired the fabulous Dustin Lujan who works at Bergdorf Goodman to do the makeup and the equally talented Andre Rodman from Rita Hazan Salon to do the hair. The model Kim choose was Ola. What a trooper she was and gorgeous infront of the camera.
The beautiful earings came from Lissa. We had over 20 outfits and got through them all in less that 6 hours.
Way back when I was a model we always used to line up at the end of the shoot to beg the photographer for the polaroids that were taken for each shot to check the light and the makeup. Now I use my phone and instagram to send everyone home with an instant souvenir and a fun memory of a great day spent with talented and creative, hard working team.
Kim's clothes are sold at Bregdorf Goodman.

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