Monday, April 6, 2009

The Adventurous Rabbit

I woke up yesterday with out a plan and nothing to do. This was a very dangerous situation and could have meant a day in bed doing nothing. I knew it was going to be warm and beautiful so I had to come up with an idea. With just one week until Easter, I thought I would go and find myself and Easter Bunny and take him on a tour of NYC.
I went down the street to the nearest store and there was my rabbit waiting for me. I nearly got arrested when the shop assistant caught me photographing the beginnings of what was going to be a fabulous day. The following photos are not really in order but see how many places you can recognise! I took over 800 photos and we didn't get home till after 9pm.

Thanks for looking!


niccib said...

You are HI-larious!! Looks like a wonderful day.

Micaela said...

That pictures of the bunny with the frenchie is great. The frenchie could be my frenchie's (Lola Bean's) twin. Love your blog!

Amy said...

I love this!!!very inspiring!!

Carolyn Koschnick Photography said...

The Adveturous Rabbit had a full day. These pictures are great Julie, she or he is so cute. It looks like you were all over the whole city. Bunny looked a bit tired in some of the pictures but in a fun way. Love it.That must have been a lot of fun.What's next for the Rabbit? Does he or she go to India or Europe?.
Carolyn Koschnick